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Heat Seal Jaw Sealers (Model P & C Jaw Sealers)

Heat Seal Jaw Sealers (Model P & C Jaw Sealers)

Bag sealers, or jaw sealers, are available in several different lengths and seal bar types. Non-stick covered jaws seal polyethylene, polypropylene, similar low density films and bubble pack envelopes. Flat or serrated jaws seal cellophane, mylar, or other high temperature films. Available with horizontal (chip bags) or vertical (candy bags) serrated jaws.  

  • Model P Jaw Sealers With Non-stick Replaceable Cover Jaws: Sealing Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Similar Low Density Films and Bubble Pack Envelopes.
  • Model C Jaw Sealers With Flat or Serrated Jaws: Sealing Cellophane, Mylar, or Other High Temperature Films. Seal Bars Available with Horizontal or Vertical Serrated Jaws.
  • Constant Heat with Adjustable Temperature Control, Range 100F to 450F
  • Heavy Duty All Aluminum Construction
  • Standard On/Off Switch on the Power Cord
  • Serrated or Flat Jaws Available in Sizes Up to 24”
  • Non-stick Replaceable Cover (Included on Model P Only)
  • Standard Table Mounting with the Foot Pedal Bolted to the Floor
  • Foot Pedal Operation
  • Seals All Types of Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Cellophane, Mylar, and other High Temp Bags