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Ishida ScaleLink Pro Scale Software

Ishida Scale Software (ScaleLink Pro)

Total Store Networking with ScaleLink Pro

Rest assured that what is coming in the back door is getting to the scale and into the register with ScaleLink Pro-sophisticated product management made simple.

With this powerful Windows®-based program, point-and-click menus allow you to make price changes immediately or create sale batches, centrally or in-store, automatically updating all scales.

Standard Features:

  •     TCP/IP Ethernet and RS-232 communication
  •     Scheduler provides automated communications
  •     Nutritional support including trans fat
  •     Import/export ASCII delimited text files
  •     Import/export Microsoft® Access® database files
  •     Import/export IF-21FD files (3000 series only)
  •     Export production totals data
  •     PLU search by name or number
  •     Customizable PLU entry screen
  •     Pull-down screen menus
  •     Price and tare weight zones
  •     Print operator keysheets
  •     Password protection and user profiles
  •     Customizable PLU report
  •     One database file per department
  •     Supports AC-4000 family, AC-3000* family, DP-3000*, WPL-3000*, AC-2000, SR-2000a, Mark II wrapper, OMNi-3000*, BC-3000, BC-4000 and OMNi-4000

Operates under these platforms:
Windows® 95, 98, NT, 2000, and XP Professional (Windows XP Professional recommended)


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What our clients are saying...

...I got it, everything works perfect and beautiful, it's freakin amazing. Everything you told me was spot on, I got all the buttons, all the label formats, I was able to make my own, insert a time stamp and do everything. So you don't necessary need to stop by to help us with any setup...

- DeCicco's Ardsley
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