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Minipack MVS-50X Chamber Vacuum Machine (MVS-50X)

Minipack MVS-50X Chamber Vacuum Machine (MVS-50X)

The MVS-50 makes an excellent machine for general vacuum packing. Works great for most meat products. It is made from stainless steel and comes with digital controls with 9 programs, adjustable soft air, electronic pressure sensor instead of vacuum timer and removable seal bars. You can order the seal bar configured in one of 3 different ways: 1. Standard is one 4mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire (enables you to tear off any excess bag length); 2. Option one is two 4mm wide parallel seals (no cut-off); and 3. Option two is one 6mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire. Each seal bar is powered independently using a dedicated transformer.


MVS50 Chamber Vacuum Machine from minipack®-america
2 Seal Bars = 19.75" (Left & Right)
Distance Between Seal Bars: = 22"
Size = 30.5"W x 27.5"D x 55.5"H
Chamber Size = 26" x 20.25" x 8.75" Deep
Vacuum Pump = Busch 60m3/H @ 208 Volt/60/3 phase; 3 HP, 6 Amps
Digital Controls w/ 9 programs
Transparent Lid
Electronic Pressure Sensor
4mm Seal w/ cut-off
Moisture Resistant Construction
Stainless Steel Construction
Removable Seal Bar
Adjustable Soft Air
Shipping Weight 
450 pounds