The new Energy Smart® Wrapper proven to significantly reduce energy costs by 80%.  The 200ES is an on-demand hand wrap machine, which the seal plate only consumes energy when you need to seal a package.  This unit is actuated when you place a product on the seal plate, the photo eye sees the product and actuates the seal cycle.  The 200ES has GFCI in the electrical box and combines many features of the traditional models 104A and 107A, including a 8" x 15" seal plate and 20" film capacity in a new compact design.  When substituting to the optional 6"x15" seal plate, this model replaces the 112AHP.  

The 200ES now offers optional extended wrapping bridge and butcher paper cutter. The extended wrapping bridge adds 4" to bridge depth, which is great for family size trays. Customers value the local butcher feel and butcher paper adds quality to cut meats, but paper cutters take up valuable counter space. That's why Heat Seal integrated a butcher paper cutter to the 200ES floor model wrapper, which helps supermarkets better serve their customer needs. 


  •  NEW FILM CRADLE MOUNT: Saves Labor, Film Changeover is fast and Easy with new Design; No Initial Set up or Assembly
  •  Fixed Distance Photoeye to Detect All Tray Colors
  •  Self-Regulating Boardless Square Rod for Increased Transversal Rigidity and Consistent Cutting
  •  Two Color LED for Photoeye Indication is Amber to Convey Seal Plate Heating, and Red when Seal Plate Reaches Sealing Temperature
  •  NEW Circuit Breakers Replace Fuses for Fast and Easy Reset with less Maintenance
  •  On-Demand Timer Controlled heated Seal Plate That Significantly Reduces Power Consumption by 80%
  •  Seal Plate Reaches Seal Temperature Within Seconds
  •  Thermistor Controlled Circuit that Reduces Power Consumption as Residual heat Increases in Seal Plate
  •  GFCI for Improved Circuit Integrity and Protection
  •  Stainless Steel Front Plate for Easy Wipe Down
  •  Rigid Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
  •  20" Maximum Roll Width, 8" Maximum Roll Diameter
  •  8"x15" Seal Plate - Comparable to: 104A, 107A, 102A; Great for Family Pack Trays
  •  Supplied with a Replaceable Non-Stick Cover to Maintain a Hygienic Seal Surface
  •  Stainless Steel Wrapping Surface
  •  Rounded Stainless Steel Front Plate for Easy Wipe Down
  •  Splash Shield, Lower Shelf
  •  Utility Rebates may be Available