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Bizerba Fully Automatic Slicer (A400)

Bizerba Fully Automatic Slicer (A400)

Fully automatic slicer offering maximum operating convenience. Up to 99 different slicing programs can be stored.

Features of the : A 400


The following slice positioning options are available:

  • Stacks up to 90 mm (3.54”) in height, also multiple stacks depending on the product size
  • Shingled flat in three rows
  • Deposited in-row in any optional position
  • Portioning with any required number of slices

Efficiently in a single work process

There are three carriage versions available to permit long products to be sliced efficiently and quickly in a single operation without having to re-clamp the product gripper. This also minimizes loss due to off cuts.

Even the most difficult products can be sliced with optimum slicing results on the A 400 as a result of its programmable, infinitely variable cutting speed of between 30 to 55 strokes a minute.

A powerful blade drive system and the tried and tested concave ground blade made of special steel with a hard chrome coating also ensure the production of high-quality slices. A product support attached directly to the cutting point effectively prevents the product from sliding down from the cutting area. The result: Clean, accurate cuts. From the first slice to the very last.

Engineering perfection

The clearly arranged control panel with splash proof tactile-type keypad and an easily legible LCD display with graphic capability forms the nerve centre of the A 400. It is positioned at an ergonomically convenient height away from the risk of soiling or splashing.

Up to 99 different slicing programs can be stored in the A 400 and accessed by entering the relevant number. The following functions can be stored with the aid of a simple operating prompt system: Shingled layers, stacks or shaving, depositing in three row positions, number of slices, number of portions, carriage speed, product size, slice thickness.

Simple operation

Safety, precision and proven Bizerba quality are the outstanding features of the fully automatic slicer A 400. Handling is simplicity itself and can be quickly and easily learned.

A practical system of operator prompting for the input and programming of machine functions ensures a trouble-free man-machine dialogue.

The stainless steel stand on casters (optional) and the compact design make the A 400 highly mobile and convenient to use, even in packaging or preparation rooms where space is at a premium.

Cleaning and maintenance

The A 400 features perfect workmanship and closed-design surfaces with a smooth, easy maintenance surface finish. Available in an anodized aluminum or stainless steel version.

To ensure safe, simple cleaning, all that is needed is to start the cleaning program. This automatically closes the blade and releases the carriage to permit it to be tilted down. At the same time, all other machine functions are disabled.

The chain assembly, depositing arm, conveyor, gripper and blade cover can be removed in a few quick and simple steps.

The integrated blade sharpening program offers enhanced convenience, and can be accessed simply by pressing a button. This automatically opens the blade to permit the sharpening device to be mounted. Pressing another button causes the blade motor to start up for sharpening.

Accident prevention

The mechanical safety devices and electrical installation are in line with current national and international standards.

Optional equipment

Stainless steel stand with casters and locking function.


A top class fully automatic machine for perfect slicing and portioning

The A 400 is a fully automatic slicing machine offering a high degree of operator convenience. The only manual operation is clamping the product, after which one of 99 possible deposit programs is accessed – and the A 400 does the rest fully automatically.


This high-tech machine is particularly suitable for slicing cooked meat, ham, bacon, smoked and cold roasted meat, roast beef and cheese as well as various types of bread.

It is particularly economical wherever large quantities of different products have to be automatically sliced, portioned and processed: In butchers' shops, delis, catering kitchens and for some industrial processes.


The A 400 is a precision slicing machine which sets new standards when it comes to the automatic depositing of sliced products. Depending on the program selection, neatly cut slices are portioned appetizingly and decoratively in rows, stacks or shingles on the receiving tray.

Bizerba Employs a company wide ISO 9000 certificat
Design Award Winner
Bizerba Service, Always Prepared

Principal technical data of the A 400

Type of power



Nom. Current




Single-phase AC





  120 50 4.8 0.976

Three-phase AC



1,8 / 1,1


Blade diameter

  • 330 mm (13”)

Blade speed

  • 266 r.p.m.

Max. product size

  • Round: Min. 50 mm (1.97”)
    Max. 180 mm (7.08”)
  • Rectangular: Min. 50 x 50 mm (1.97” x 1.97”)
    Max. 175 x 240 mm (6.89” x 9.45”)

Slice thickness

  • 0.5–12 mm (0.02”–0.47”)

Program memory

  • 99

Carriage speed:

  • variable between 30 and 55 strokes
    per minute

Receiving tray

  • 254 x 346mm (10” x 13.62”)

Paper / foil size

  • 1/8 sheet, min. 360 x 240 mm (14.17” x 9.45”)
    max. 375 x 250 mm (14.76” x 9.84”)

Receiving tray

  • Horizontal = 160 mm (6.3”),
    vertical = 90 mm (3.54”)

Stack height:

  • max. 90 mm (3.54”)

Machine footprint:

  • Width 410 mm (16.14”), depth 490 mm (19.3”)
    Reduced: Width 410 mm (16.14”), depth 400 mm (15.75”)

Space required:

  • A 402 1) Width 990 mm (39”), depth 860 mm
    (33.86”), height 810 mm (31.9”)
    A 404 2) Width 1190 mm (46.85”), depth 860 mm
    (33.86”), height 810 mm (31.9”)
    A 406 3) Width 1300 mm (51.18”), depth 860 mm
    (33.86”), height 680 mm (26.77”)

Outside dimensions:s

  • A 402 Width 850 mm (33.46”), depth 800 mm
    (31.5”), height 680 mm (26.77”)
    A 404 Width 1050 mm (41.34”), depth 800 mm
    (31.5”), height 680 mm (26.77”)
    A 406 Width 1250 mm (49.21”), depth 800

Gross weight

  • A 404 / A 406
    109 kg (239.8 lb), stand 16 kg (35.2 lb)

Shipping crate:

  • A 402 / A 404
    Length 1100 mm (43.30”), width 900 mm (35.43”),
    height 1030 mm (40.55”)
    A 406
    Length 1300 mm (51.18”), width 900 mm (35.43”),
    height 1050 mm (41.34”)