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Bizerba Manual Hand Slicer GSP-H

Bizerba Manual Hand Slicer GSP-H

 Bizerba is the first manufacturer to achieve this world-class standard!

Widest product carriage for increased capacity.

One piece anodized aluminum construction.

Fast and easy to clean, fewer seams, large radii.

Improved sealing against water and debris.

Largest and easiest to use remnant holder in the industry.

Unique design allows for the smallest end pieces, increased product yield.

Remote sharpener is dishwasher safe for improved safety and hygiene;
spring-loaded dial insures correct and consistent sharpening.
The ergonomic design of the Bizerba GSP H series sets the standard
for safety, yield, hygiene, durability, and lowest overall cost of ownership.
Low profile – reduces operator fatigue.
Largest thumb guard for maximum protection.
Zero blade exposure during the cleaning process.
Patented carriage interlock system.
One piece carriage with seamless thumb guard for highest hygiene standards.
Safety features: shut off in thickness knob, adjustable blade shut off
and start at zero (safe-only).
Improved liquid and debris diversion from all control surfaces.
Top quality gravity feed slicer with low-profile carriage for heavy products.

Best blade in the industry:

The hardness results in a long lasting sharp edge. The life of the blade is dramatically longer
than the competition.

Our standard blade is the hardest, thinnest, largest, straightest blade in the industry.

1-phase AC current

120 V, specialised data available on request
60 Hz
Frequency of nominal current 3.5 A
Power consumption 0.360 kW

Blade diameter: 
13” (330 mm)

Blade speed :
319 r.p.m.

Max. produce size :
Height: 4.96” (126 mm) 
Width: 11.6” (290 mm)
Round: 8” (200 mm)
Rectangular: 11.6 x 6.4” (290 x 160 mm)

Slice thickness :
0-0.94” (0-24 mm), infinitely variable

Installation area :
(L x W) 20.94” x 18.82” (530 x 480 mm)

External dimensions (carriage inclined at 25º) 
(L x W x H) 28.54” x 23.07” x 23.46”
(725 x 586 x 596 mm)

Operating area :
(L x W) 31.74” x 35.4” (806 x 899 mm)

Protection type :
IP 33

Weight of machine :
95.1 lbs, 43 kg

Accessories : Tomato & Vegetable and Portion Control Scale

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Here is a great company and individuals we are doing more and more business with these days. They have scales, slicers, prep equipment, saws, grinders etc. They sell and service everything they sell...they also assist you in setting up your scales. Many companies in the city just sell you direct with no follow up and training and it has turned out a disaster...I had three stores that had their openings held back because of technical problems .The good thing is that they are fair priced and Mike Mano is one of the outstanding and knowledgeable guys in the business. Everybody has equipment but the right brand, the right price, and the right support is all important. Give them a look at what you need and see how they can save you headaches and money.

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