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Hollymatic Defender Saw


Designed with patented state of the art and innovative technology, the Defender provides features and benefits not available on other meat saws. The Exclusive Visual Glove Detection System utilizes a camera to detect special colored gloves worn by the operator. Upon detection in a predetermined zone the system activates a processing and braking mechanism to stop the blade in less than .04 seconds, thus greatly reducing unintended or inadvertent contact with the blade.

It is important to note that the braking mechanism does not damage the blade or the saw. After a short cool down period the saw can be restarted and put back into operation. NO BLADE CHANGES ARE NECESSARY. The Defender controller has a built in user interface which gives a total read out of the machine status, including run times, stop counts, diagnostics, maintenance schedules and more. The user interface allows management to monitor the frequency of emergency stops and help determine correct employee operation.

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