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Ishida SLP-V Lite, BC-4000 Series Scale Software

Ishida Scale Software (Ishida SLP-V Lite, BC-4000 Series)
Sophisticated PLU management made simple. SLP-V Lite joins individual BC-4000's to in-store computer/POS servers, as well as to central hosting computer networks.

Compatible with Windows® operating systems, SLP-V Lite is loaded with features that simplify data management and product control.

Enter and maintain item data and price changes. Import and export ASCII delimited files for seamless integration and continued operation.


Standard Features: 

  • TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Nutritional support including trans fat
  • Import/export ASCII delimited text files
  • Export production totals data
  • PLU search by name or number
  • Customizable PLU entry screen
  • Pull down screen menus
  • Print operator keysheets
  • Customizable PLU report
  • One database file per department
  • Supports BC-4000 Series

Operates under these platforms:

  • Windows® XP Professional and Vista