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The Model 317 Thermal Label Printer includes many value-added features such as fast print speed, large label capacity, graphics printing, and high resolution. You get label printing of text in multiple font sizes, graphics, safe handling, and nutrition facts. To reduce your labor costs, you can include two 317 printers with the Model 706 or 705 Auto-Labeler…one to print and apply the price label and the second to print and apply merchandising labels. And with over 250 DayGlo graphics, this will reduce your need for a large inventory of preprinted labels.

For manual application, the Model 317 can be configured to print standard data and nutrifacts labels from 1.9 in. (48mm) to 5.1 in. (130mm) long and up to 2.63 in. (67mm) wide and smaller barcode or DayGlo labels from .9 in.(23mm) to 3.7 in. (94mm) long by 1.56 in. (40mm) wide. When used in an automatic system, the price label applicator can apply 2.63 in. (67mm) wide labels with lengths of 1.9 in (48mm) to 4.2 in (106mm). The DayGlo label applicator can apply 1.56 in. (40mm) wide labels with lengths from 0.9 in (23mm) to 1.5 in (38mm).


Features and Benefits
  • Fast Print Speed
  • Prints various fonts and graphics
  • Prints Safe Handling and Nutrition Facts
  • Prints DayGlo Merchandising Labels
  • Large Label Capacity
  • Easy Clean Stainless Steel Cover
Specifications - 317 Printer
Performance Professional
Description The 317 printer is available with or without an auto-applicator and stores a large 10" label roll.
Printing speed 125 mm/second (4.9 in/second
Max. label size 130mm (5.1 in) Long x 67 mm(2.63 in) Wide


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I just wanted to say that’....slicer!  That Bizerba you sold me is fantastic.  It fits our needs perfectly and has got to be the best thing I’ve purchased for the deli in a long time.  Not only does it save a ton of time, but it makes perfect slices.  I can throw three heads of iceberg in the chute and it slices it all with virtually zero waste.  It also slices meat ends almost completely!


Anyway, that’s about as excited as I can get about deli equipment.  Thanks again for the great service, and thanks for letting me know you had this machine.


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