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Minipack Ministretch Semi-Automatic Wrapper

Minipack Ministretch Semi-Automatic Wrapper
Minispenser / Ministretch
Minipack's Minispenser and Ministretch are most popular with food retailers, specialty food manufacturers, food processors and take away food shops. Both machines require no special training to achieve perfect and tight stretch wrapping. Both machines reduce film consumption and increase operator efficiency. The Ministretch 4-Way-Stretch Technology is unique for a table top machine. It is also very user-friendly by minimizing physcial effort and reduction of repetitive movements, while being safe to operate.
Sealing Technology
simple and easy
  Stretch-wrap in 3 easy steps with the Ministretch: place the tray on the hot plate, pull the lid down, and remove packaged item. The sealing pad is teflon coated and the temperature can be adjusted.
powerful and reliable
  Wrap up to 14 items per minute, using linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), polyethylene (PE), and food grade PVC.
Display, Controls & Programmability
  Ministretch: Intuitive controls allow you to change the film tension, sealing plate temperature, and seal time. 3 user-settable programs increase operator efficiency. The automatic lid opener reduces repetitive movements. No exposure to film cutter guarantees maximum safety for operator.
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Smart Technology Features
Stainless steel frame and water resistant LED display:
for easy cleaning and sanitation
Lid with double magnet closing system: for perfect
sealing results
Programmable film tension adjustment automatically sets
the tightness of the wrap
Automatic lid opener: reduces repetitive movements for
the operator
Film cold cutter design for user health, no heat or smoke
Pre-programmed length of film for each wrap reduces
film consumption
Enclosed film cutter for operator safety
Jam-free design with reset switch: should machine jam,
the electric clutch stops any further operation and a reset
switch brings machine back to its original settings.
3 easy step wrapping: no skilled labor needed. Place tray
on teflon-coated heating pad, close lid, and remove with
perfect wrap.
4-way stretch: film is held tightly by 4 sides, as the product
is pushed up against the web of stretch film, then folded
under the tray and sealed by the teflon-coated heating pad.