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Minipack MVS 26XII (MVS 26XII)

Minipack MVS 26XII

The Minipack MVS X Tabletop Series is ideal for precise, hygienic and user-friendly vacuum packaging.

Chamber & Seal Bars
Chamber Width x Length 11.00" x 16.00"
Height (Chamber + Dome/Lid = Total) 4.50" + 1.00" = 5.50"
Number of Seal Bars (removable) 1
Position of Seal Bars Front
Seal Bar Length 10.50"
Distance between Seal Bars -
4 mm Seal + 1 mm Cut-Off Seal
Unique Waffle-Pattern Sealing
Hygienic Seamless Chamber
Pop-Out Seal Bars
Independent Power to each Seal Bar
Pump Type Busch KB Oil Rotary
Cycles per Minute* up to 3
Free Air Displacement @ 50Hz 6 m³/h
Free Air Displacement @ 60Hz 7 m³/h
Pump Power Rating 0.50 hp
Power Supply 120V / 12A
Display & Controls
Water Resistant Digital Display
LED Display
Electronic Millibar Sensor
Customizable Programs 9
Operational Features
Programmable Sealing Time
Programmable Vacuum Time (%)
External Channel Bag Evacuation
Extra Vacuum (30 sec)
Excess Bag Cut-Off
High Volume Density Plates
Indicating Display
Programmable Service Reminder
1 Year Limited Warranty
Housing & Dimensions
Material Stainless 304
Lid Type Transparent with Dome
Width x Length 15.00" x 22.50"
Height (Lid open/closed) 24.50" / 12.00"
Recessed Lifting Cups -
Leveling Legs
Shipping Wt. (Pallet not included) 94.2lbs DB
Optional Seal Bars
Wide Flat Seal (6mm + 1mm Cut-Off Seal)
Dual Flat Seal (2 x 4 mm)
Dual Convex Seal (2 x 3,5 mm)
Top & Bottom Seal -
Optional Features
Inert Gas Flush Kit
Evacuation Filter Kit -
Tray for Liquids
NSF 4" Legs -
230V Single Phase @ 50/60Hz
*Depends on type of product, film and operator ability.
Specifications may change without notice.
DB = Double-Boxed