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Minipack MVS-41X - Three Seal Bar Vacuum Machine (MVS 41X)

Minipack MVS-41X - Three Seal Bar Vacuum Machine

The MVS-41 has three seal bars, two that are 12" long located on the left and right side of the machine. The third seal bar is 20.25" long and is located across the front of the chamber. You can use it with all three bars in place to get more small pouches in per cycle or you can remove one or two of the bars to make more room inside the chamber for larger products. This seal bar configuration is ideal for long, skinny products. It is made from stainless steel and comes with digital controls with 9 programs, adjustable soft air, electronic pressure sensor instead of vacuum timer. You can order the seal bars configured in one of 3 different ways: 1. Standard is one 4mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire (enables you to tear off any excess bag length); 2. Option one is two 4mm wide parallel seals (no cut-off); and 3. Option two is one 6mm wide seal plus a hot cut-off wire. Minipack chamber machines have a two year limited non-wear item parts warranty. All Minipack vacuum machines larger than the MVS-31 now come with a Busch® vacuum pump.


3 Seal Bars 2 @ 12" (sides) and 1 @ 20.25" (front)
Chamber Size = 24" x 13" x 6"H
Size = 28"w x 20"d x 26"H (lid open)
One or even two of the seal bars can be removed for more room.
Vacuum Pump = Busch 20m3/H @ 115 Volt/60/1 phase, 1 HP, 18 Amps
Digital Controls w/ 9 programs
Transparent Lid
Electronic Pressure Sensor
4mm Seal w/ cut-off
Adjustable Soft Air
Removable Seal Bar
Stainless Steel Construction
Shipping Weight 
240 pounds