Hollymatic Super54 Patty Machine

Super Patty

The Hollymatic Super Patty Machine features state-of-the-art compact design, industry proven reliability and low operation cost. With reliable portion control, the Super can produce up to 2,100 (8) ounce portions per hour.

Standard Features

- Continuous edge guide, automatic paper feed

- 5 oz. or 8 oz. patty compression

- Interchangeable mold plate assembly

- Metal and plastic finish

- One piece safety interlocked feed tray and guard


Super Patty
Hollymatic Super Patty Machine
with Conveyor 

Motor: 3/4 H.P 115/230 volt,
60Hz., 1 Ph.
12/6 A
115/220 volt,
50 Hz., 1 Ph.
12/6 A
(3 Phase and other options available)
Feed Tray: Removable and safety interlocked w/guard.
Paper Feed: 5-1/2_ (standard) automatic side notch system. Optional 4-1/2_, and 5_ available.
Speed: 2,100 or 1,800 portions per hour.
Portion Size: Standard up to 8 ounces per portion.
5-1/8_ Maximum diameter with paper.
Compressors: 5 Oz. or 8 Oz., depending on portion size.
Net Weight: 285 pounds, including stand and mold plate.

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