- Mettler Toledo Fresh Base Scale

Mettler Toledo Fresh Base Scale

FreshBase offers easy-to-use functionality that keeps your fresh food weighing applications running efficiently. Its robust housing and innovative design can withstand the daily rigors of use, while its user interface requires less time spent on training. Increase the productivity of your fresh departments with FreshBase.

Features and Benefits

Enhanced productivity

FreshBase offers operators an intuitive user interface that reduces training times, enhances staff productivity, and eases workflows. Focus more attention on customers with simplified weighing processes enabled by the fully-featured efficiency of FreshBase.




Maximum durability

Designed to withstand daily usage in busy departments, FreshBase's robust design with aluminum die-cast housing and groove-free exterior was built with a focus on ergonomics, hygiene and durability. Highly resistant to the rigors of heavy operator use, FreshBase supports operations through maximized uptime.




Future-proof software

FreshBase delivers enhanced integration by supporting communication with existing corporate applications through browser-based and web services technologies. FreshPro software provides ease of maintenance by enabling increased self-diagnostics accessible for in-store or remote servicing.



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