5/21/21 ANSWER:

2200 Portions / Hour (variable) !!!

5/28/21 ANSWER:

75-85% !!! This is due to the On-Demand Timer Controlled Heated Seal Plate That Significantly Reduces Power Consumption!

6/4/21 ANSWER:

RED!!!!!!  The Bizerba GSP electric automatic heavy duty illuminated safety slicer features an illuminated safety dial that lights up green when the motor gauge plate is closed and lights up red when the gauge plate is open or the motor is running.

6/11/21 ANSWER:

35 Packs Per Minute!!! The 880 Auto Wrapper produces the perfect wrap every time. The machine makes it fast and easy for every operator to control production runs with the tactile keypad and touchscreen. Operators can load trays quickly, as the wrapper automatically moves the tray into the proper position for wrapping.