5/21/21 ANSWER:

2200 Portions / Hour (variable) !!!

5/28/21 ANSWER:

75-85% !!! This is due to the On-Demand Timer Controlled Heated Seal Plate That Significantly Reduces Power Consumption!

6/4/21 ANSWER:

RED!!!!!!  The Bizerba GSP electric automatic heavy duty illuminated safety slicer features an illuminated safety dial that lights up green when the motor gauge plate is closed and lights up red when the gauge plate is open or the motor is running.

6/11/21 ANSWER:

35 Packs Per Minute!!! The 880 Auto Wrapper produces the perfect wrap every time. The machine makes it fast and easy for every operator to control production runs with the tactile keypad and touchscreen. Operators can load trays quickly, as the wrapper automatically moves the tray into the proper position for wrapping.

6/18/21 ANSWER:

The Hollymatic Hi Yield 14 Meat Saw is known for being the easiest saw on the market to clean up without complete disassembly!! Swing open construction allows for easy cleaning and blade changing & easily removed upper and lower wheels speeds cleanup!

6/25/21 ANSWER:

FALSE!!!! The Hollymatic r2200 is a fantastic piece of equipment when it comes to portioning your products! A multitude of various products including seasoned mixtures can be formed and portioned into many different shapes and sizes, including nuggets. This is the most popular piece of equipment this season! 

7/2/21 ANSWER:


Just 90 seconds into the “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” video, Greg Ehresmen takes Guy Fieri upstairs to see where the magic happens. It is there that the camera and Fieri lock onto the Hollymatic “Super” 54 Patty Former. For 48 years, this Former has been “thumping” out 700 to 1,000 patties per day, 7 days a week for Triple XXX. They start with 100% Top Choice Sirloin Steak, grind it fresh, and transfer it right into the hopper of the Hollymatic machine where 2 oz. patties are formed.

7/9/21 ANSWER:


The Defender PC 1500 is designed with patented innovative stopping devices. Special conductive gloves are worn by the operator. In the event that the glove inadvertently comes in contact with the blade, a state-of-the-art electronic braking mechanism will activate, stopping the blade within 15 milliseconds.

7/16/21 ANSWER:


We 100% back all equipment that goes out our doors! With a purchase of a piece of refurbished equipment, you will receive a 90 day warranty! Interested in what our refurbished inventory has? Call us! (888)-808-3611 

7/23/21 ANSWER:


The Berkel Countertop Bread Slicer is compact and convenient! Slicing is completed in approximately 8 seconds per loaf depending on size and bread type

7/30/21 ANSWER:

To name a few about the Hydraulic Stuffers by Hollymatic! :

1. This is a self-contained stainless steel oil tank with the advantage that the oil does not get contaminated and regular oil changes are not essential. The pump is also safeguarded; its working life extended and noise levels are reduced.

2. Stainless steel head cover has twin-locking handles and is completely removable for ease of cleaning. An o-ring seal is also fitted to reduce any risk of leakage. The piston is fully stainless steel, is detachable, and connects to a stainless steel ram.

3. The footprint of the machine is one of the smallest available, which makes it ideal for the majority of meat markets and processing plants.

8/6/21 ANSWER:

Two Color LED light indicates Yellow when Seal Plate is Heating, and Red when Seal Plate Reaches Sealing Temperature!

8/13/21 ANSWER:

50 Bags per minute!!

"Capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute, the superior design and compact size has made it perfect for all applications including bakery, food, candy, confectionery, industrial wire harnessing, and assembly."

8/20/21 ANSWER:


The Heat Seal Impulse Bar Sealers have an instant “On” - No Warm Up Required!!!!

8/27/21 ANSWER:

60 POUNDS! The RS-130 is perfect for all things farmers market related! Pumpkins, apples & much more! With its wireless capabilities, take the RS-130 anywhere and weigh what you want! 

9/3/21 ANSWER:

ITS WIRELESS! The Rs-130 has the following features that make it ideal for outdoor use: 

  • Battery charge indicator
  • Internal sealed battery included

9/24/21 ANSWER:

26 LBS! Super Lightweight! 

10/1/21 ANSWER:

The Pizza Capper is thermostatically controlled!

The pizza capper is thermostatically controlled, thus creating a heating element that provides constant, evenly distributed heat! Allowing pre made pizzas to be wrapper to perfection and ready for customers to take home! 

10/8/21 ANSWER:

20+ Makes!! Call us today for servicing! (800)-875-7411 .... Open 7 days a week! 

10/29/21 ANSWER:

Since 1986! 35 YEARS!!

11/5/21 ANSWER:

All of them! At Winter Scale, we service what we sell! Call us today for inquiries about servicing! (800)-875-7411