This 180 degree gravity turn around conveyor will return the product to the operator at the front of the machine or to the back of the machine.

The stylish Avery Berkel IX Series printing scales offer an outstanding range of features at the lowest price available - Designed to suit small independents and convenience stores, the IX series meets the essential needs of the local retailer at the most economical price

PRICE: $650&n

The FX220 is a price-computing scale that offers an unbeatable package for the independent retailer - Designed to offer all the functions your business needs, the FX 220 is a stylish and economical business tool.

PRICE: $225



The Berkel FX210 30 RO 30 lb round cake scale features a rotating 12 weighing plate making it easy to ice your delicious cakes while closely monitoring portion sizes!

Price: $195 


Ships to the United States! 

Bakeries and specialty sandwich chains are just a few of the experienced operations that rely on Berkel bread slicers. They offer maximum cutting efficiency and high-capacity for slicing soft and hard-crusted loaves with consistency and precision.
The manual premium gravity feed slicer sets worldwide standards in terms of ergonomics, hygiene, and safety.
The unique design of our blade produces clean and consistent slices. The hardness results in a long lasting sharp edge. The life of the blade is dramatically longer than the competition.
The vertical carriage ensures ergonomic, upright operation while providing an optimal view of the slicing result. The core component is a powerful blade drive, optionally with intelligent motor control Emotion®. In addition, the VS12 F can be fitted with Ceraclean® surface which is easy to clean and ensures easy feeding of products to the blade.


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What our clients are saying...

Here is a great company and individuals we are doing more and more business with these days. They have scales, slicers, prep equipment, saws, grinders etc. They sell and service everything they sell...they also assist you in setting up your scales. Many companies in the city just sell you direct with no follow up and training and it has turned out a disaster...I had three stores that had their openings held back because of technical problems .The good thing is that they are fair priced and Mike Mano is one of the outstanding and knowledgeable guys in the business. Everybody has equipment but the right brand, the right price, and the right support is all important. Give them a look at what you need and see how they can save you headaches and money.

- White Rose
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