Compatible with Windows® Professional operating systems, ScaleLink Pro 5 is a powerful scale management tool for today’s complex retail world. This program joins individual scales to in-store servers and central hosting networks, regardless of distance. Priced far less than similar PLU management software, ScaleLink Pro 5 offers additional reporting and updating capabilities, as well as features to simplify data management and product control. Easily manage information such as safe-handling instructions and nutritional facts for all products.
Sophisticated PLU management made simple. SLP-V Lite joins individual BC-4000's to in-store computer/POS servers, as well as to central hosting computer networks. Compatible with Windows® operating systems, SLP-V Lite is loaded with features that simplify data management and product control. Enter and maintain item data and price changes. Import and export ASCII delimited files for seamless integration and continued operation.
Streamline Item Management, Enhance Customer Service SmartX is METTLER TOLEDO’s scale management software for small to and medium food retailers who want to simplify and streamline their item management in the fresh category. SmartX is an easy-to-use yet high-performance tool for maintenance and error-free management of all sales-related data stored on METTLER TOLEDO and competitor scales. From list prices, loyalty discounts and promotional offers to information about ingredients, allergens and nutritional values, SmartX is the key that unlocks at-a-glance and centralized item management. Retailers save a huge amount of time with SmartX in terms of data input and significantly reduce the risk of errors in pricing and other product-related information at the point-of-sale
WinDataBack is easy-to-use scale configuration software which supports the central management of data and configuration relating to METTLER TOLEDO retail scales and prepack systems. The software gives technicians real-time access to the devices installed at store level. Windataback is therefore the ideal tool for internal helpdesk employees. It offers them a clear and convenient way of ensuring uniformity and conformity of all the data supplied to in-store scales and saves valuable time by minimizing duplication of effort.


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Here is a great company and individuals we are doing more and more business with these days. They have scales, slicers, prep equipment, saws, grinders etc. They sell and service everything they sell...they also assist you in setting up your scales. Many companies in the city just sell you direct with no follow up and training and it has turned out a disaster...I had three stores that had their openings held back because of technical problems .The good thing is that they are fair priced and Mike Mano is one of the outstanding and knowledgeable guys in the business. Everybody has equipment but the right brand, the right price, and the right support is all important. Give them a look at what you need and see how they can save you headaches and money.

- White Rose
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