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METTLER TOLEDO Step-Saver® Systems

Step-Savers® from METTLER TOLEDO are manual handwrap stations designed to integrate the wrapping, weighing and labeling of products to save you steps and increase efficiency. They are available to support all models in METTLER TOLEDO'S product line.

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Heat Seal Table Top Film Dispenser With Cut-off Rod

Table top film dispenser with hot rod film cutoff.

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Heat Seal Wrap and Weigh System (ScaleMate®)

Two-Roll Film Capacity All Stainless Steel For All Brands of Scales. The ScaleMate® is designed to integrate scale and labeling systems with the overwrapping process.

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Heat Seal 625A Mini

Space saving compact axle mount stretch film wrapper. Great for deli, cheese and sandwich locations

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Heat Seal Perforated Film Dispensers

Dispenser perforated film or perforated bags with ease!

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Heat Seal 825A Multi-Roll Table Top Wrapper (825A)

Heat Seal's multiple roll hand wrap station with a 6" by 15" hot plate and film core axle for easy film handling.

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Heat Seal Model 600A Table Top Handwrap

One-Roll Film Capacity with Rollers. 20" Film Width, 6" by 15" hot plate, roller mount

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Heat Seal Laundry Overwrapper HS10440LW

Heat Seal's laundry wrapper is a large capacity overwrapper used to wrap clean laundry stacks with stretch wrap that is sealed to the bottom of the package with a 12" by 30" hot plate.

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Heat Seal Energy Smart Wrapper (725ES)

The Energy Smart® technology was developed to provide directionally focused, on-demand heat to the package to seal the film. 

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Heat Seal Axle Mounted Table Top Wrapper (625A)

Heat Seal's most popular hand wrap machine, stretch film overwrapper 625A.

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Heat Seal Energy Smart® NEW Cradle Mount (700ES)

The new Energy Smart® Wrapper proven to significantly reduce energy costs by 80%. The Photo Eye Energy Smart machines are an on-demand hand wrap machine.

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Heat Seal Floor Model Handwrap (104A)

Floor model stretch film overwrappers with three roll capacity, hand wrap machines for stretch film.

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