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METTLER TOLEDO Smartx Software


MT-SmartX™ is a fully-featured central scale management application that minimizes your IT department’s challenges by providing the most cost efficient solution with a reduced TCO. MT-SmartX™ comes in two versions, the Lite (LT) and Small Chain (SC) version.

The LT version is a single store application that does not support any zoning capabilities, while the SC version supports up to 99 zones (price, Extra text, Action, Graphics, and many more).

The SC version provides flexibility that allows you to transmit scale data from a corporate or division office directly to the scales in your stores. With the availability of Ethernet and Wireless scales, and wider bandwidths, you can now utilize your existing Local or Wide Area network and no longer need store level software or hardware to communicate data to your scales.

Updating scales with prices, nutrifacts, graphics, extra text and more has never been easier. Using a state-of-the-art Windows® XP look and feel interface, you can make changes that can be applied to dozens of scales simultaneously. With its open architecture and easy to use interface, MT-SmartX™ is a simple way to centralize your scale data management while saving your company time and money.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to learn and use with Windows® XP look and feel
  • Cost Effective – reduced TCO
  • Easy to configure
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Multi-store support
  • Standard Architecture (ODBC and TCP/IP platforms)
  • Client/Server architecture transforms your PC into a powerful, multi-user information system.
  • Transmit your pricing, labeling and other information to any scale from you PC directly to the scales.
  • Schedule when the changes are to be made - automatically.